WhatsApp Joins Trends; Incorporates AI into Sticker Generation


It appears that the utilization of artificial intelligence to enhance products is widespread, with companies like Google Chrome, Snapchat and WhatsApp all embracing this trend. According to reportsthe messaging app owned by Meta is currently experimenting with AI-generated stickers for Android users.

Recall in Feb. 2023, how Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company is pulling together teams to focus on developing Al for different products.

This feature enables users to provide a description of an image, prompting the AI to create a corresponding sticker instantly. As machine learning continues to advance, its influence seems to be expanding to all corners of technology. A recent source mentions that WhatsApp is introducing AI stickers to a limited group of users through its Google Play Beta Program. These users will find a new “Create” button within the sticker keyboard tab, allowing them to input a prompt for WhatsApp’s AI and then select from a variety of stickers generated based on their description.

According to the same source, WhatsApp is introducing a limited beta test of AI stickers through its Google Play Beta Program. Handpicked users will discover a fresh “Create” button upon accessing the sticker tab’s keyboard. Upon tapping it, they can input a prompt for WhatsApp’s AI, then select from a variety of stickers generated based on their description.

Additionally, users have the option to report any objectionable stickers generated by the AI, providing a way to alert Meta.

Although the current beta test for WhatsApp is small in scale, the plan is to gradually expand the availability of these new AI-generated stickers to a wider audience in the upcoming weeks. As for iOS users, there is no information yet about when this feature might become available, so iPhone users will need to continue using standard emojis and Cuppy stickers to convey their emotions.