Disney Partners With Apple To Create Deeply Personalized Experiences For Their Fans

Vision Pro To Bring Disney To Their Fans In Ways That Were Previously Impossible


As part of Walt Disney’s 100th year celebration and unveiling of new features and surprises as promised, the story telling company is partnering with Apple in a new way to constantly entertain, inform and inspire their fans by combining extra ordinary creativity with ground breaking technology to create truly remarkable experiences. And they believe Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that can make their vision a reality.

The story telling company says one striking thing about the Apple’s Vision Pro platform is how it will allow them to create deeply personalized experiences that bring their fans closely to the character they love and more deeply immersed in their stories. It will allow them to bring Disney to their fans in ways that were previously impossible.

The company gave a sneak peek to some of the possibilities they were envisioning with Apple’s Vision Pro and answering the ultimate WHAT IF questions; ” what if all the things we thought were impossible were suddenly possible? You can experience your favorite stories in unexpected ways or in unbelievable places. You could more than just watch sports, You could be at the game without leaving your home or be part of the action like never before. What if you could travel on a natural geographic adventure from your couch or if your imaginary friends weren’t quite so imaginary? What if you could bring Disney world into your world. What if you could become a superhero and seek the answer to the ultimate questions.

What if space, time, reality is more than… ? It’s a prison of endless possibilities. Impossible to most but not to you. Watch this video

What is VISION PRO? It is a first generation device from Apple which we don’t see very often . It is a combination of AR and VR headset with a bunch of cameras and censors inside that you strap to your face. It will start at $3500 and it will go on sale sometime early next year.

This device is a standalone device that isn’t controlled or paired to your iphone or Mac or any other device but YOU

How does it work : it works typically the way AR and VR works. They have screens on the inside and some shell on the outside which has some censors that help to detect what’s in your room and around you and helps to see the controllers in your hands. But this one Vision Pro, there are no controllers at all. No accessories whatsoever.

You’re controlling it with your eyes, hands and voice.

image credit to ipleaders