Technologies That Aid in Full Self-expression


    Technologies that aid in full self – expression. “The desire for self-expression affects people when they feel there’s something of themselves which is not getting through the outside world”. Fay Weldon.

    Self expression is the display of individuality, personality, emotions or ideas especially through words, clothing, hairstyles or art forms such as writing, drawings etc. It is through self-expression that we learn who we are, as we express ourselves, we become more of who we truly are.When individuals are allowed to express themselves without fear of someone saying or thinking negatively of them, their overall confidence is improved and a sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment is gained.

    “People often say that this person or that person has not yet found himself. But the “self” is not something that one finds. It is something that one creates.” Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

    We can create and re-create ourselves at anytime and choose to define ourselves in other ways. Explore new ways of thinking and you may discover that you have talents and passions you never knew existed .

    Here are technologies to aid in full self – expression:

    Communicate with your gadgets( phone, computer, tablet ): Rome wasn’t built in a day. With your gadget you do not need to sound like an Angel before recording an audio, video etc. All I’m saying is that you do not need to be perfect to try out that particular thing that gives you Joy.

    Show off your unique point of view : If your interest is in photography. Technology can give you a boost as well. With editing apps like photo shop, Affinity photo, Paintshop pro etc.

    Share your ideas: Live like a child. Children have a natural ability to live out there fully self-expressed not worrying about what people think. With technology you can share your imperfect and may be unprofessional ideas if you like, on facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. without being ashamed.