Do you use TikTok enough to be inundated by the ads from the “Shop”? If “yes”, how do you feel about it? If “no”, it’s either you’re doing something “right” or you need to step up your game. Lol. 

This information comes in handy at a time when it’s likely the reason why there’s a decline in the monthly usage and download of the TikTok app.

According to reports of the last quarter, the number reduced from 12% to 3 % while Facebook again maintained its No. 1 position by monthly active users, followed by other Meta-owned apps WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger — all of which were ahead of TikTok at No. 5.

Now, new data has posed the question of whether the app’s move into e-commerce via TikTok Shop is to blame.

A TikTok user complained about how he totally left TikTok because he was always bombarded with shop ads, “1 100% quit using tiktok and went to Instagram when I started getting spammed with the shop ads and such. I was using TikTok all day and now only open it if a friend sends me a video to watch and even then, as soon as that video is done, and I swipe up to see another video I get hit with a shop ad in the next 1-2 videos.”

The TikTok shop began testing in the U. S in the late November of 2022 and was officially launched one year later. Although some good brands came on board like the PacSun, Revolve, Willow Boutique, and beauty brand KimChi Chic, among others, the in-app shopping service was embraced by many, particularly as it was followed up by offers of affiliate program that allows creators to earn commissions from products, as the AP and others have reported.

However, it experience has been abused as some complaints of the TikTok shop being turned into an “ad-filled wasteland” .

“Personally, I’m starting to get really annoyed by how almost every other video on my [For You Page] is someone overhyping a product from the Shop feature to try to get it to go viral and make a lot of commissions,”wrote a user

On the flip side, Meta might be having a filled day as a decline in TikTok could result in a rise of more users across meta platforms.  Also, recall that Meta removed its own shop tab entirely last year.