Recently, tech giant company, Google, announced that it has released its own stand alone text to image AI generator and promises high quality images. However, so many people have not made use of it yet or are probably having difficulty finding their way.

If you fall into this category, worry no more because this article is a complete walk through guide for you.

Facts about the image FX is  that it was built on top of the imagen 2 model powering AI image creation in Bard which implies that it was built by Google’s advanced AI lab DeepMind and can generate a range of images and styles from a simple text prompt, as well as music generation.

The cutting edge aspect of the imageFX for me is simplifying the use of prompts for users. Prompt creation is one of the most important skills in creating anything using generative AI. The better your prompts, the better your output will be

With imageFX, you type what you want, for example, a photorealistic depiction of an African woman with her hands on her head in the middle of a conversation” and it will highlight the keywords such as, photorealistic, African woman, hands on her her head,  and conversation, easily allowing you to select alternatives for each keyword from a dropdown menu.

ImageFX is set to rival Open AI’s DALL-E3, Midjourney, Microsoft Image Creator by Designer and a host of others.

The company, Google, says this about the imageFX app; “delivers our highest-quality images yet, as well as improvements in areas that text-to-image systems often struggle with and keeps images free of distracting visual artefacts.”

How to use the imageFX app

  1. Go to the imageFX website: click on the imageFX website and click log in. Alternatively, you can also go to the AI test kitchen and choose imageFX from the drop-down menu in the top left corner.
  1. Log in with your Google account : Here, you would have to sign into your Google account. And for first time users, you will receive a prompt whether or not you would like to receive marketing emails or research invitations. Privacy policy and terms are also included
  1. Enter your prompt: this is the next important part of the app. Try to be as detailed as possible with your prompts. It is also important to add the image format such as, a photo, 3D render or a drawing.
  1. View and download your output: image FX lets you view and download the images it created. The essence is that you can make changes or tweak your prompts.

Image Safety and Misinformation:

Google has added synthID to generated pictures as a way to combat the risk of imageFX with Imagen 2 as its base model from being used to create misinformation or deepfake images.

How SynthID works

SynthID is a technique built by DeepMind to embed a hidden-humans watermark in generated content. In an image, it is hidden in the pixels and can’t be easily cut out or removed and can be used to identify the artificial origins of even the most realistic images. This works across music, video and images.



featured image creator: Neowin


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