Figure AI: The Humanoid Start-Up Pulling The Billions Of Tech Billionaires.


This company, Figure AI, was born in 2022, almost 2 years ago, yet it is not behaving like a toddler. Figure AI came into the world running like a fully grown adult. With a valuation of over $2.6B in just 2 years, it makes other start-ups that are doing well look like jokers.

In it’s arsenals of investors are Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Microsoft, Openai and Nvidia. How figure AI was able to pull this greats together and make them cough out $675million is still pure magic in the tech space.

In 2022 Brett Adcock, the founder of Figure AI set out to build a human-like robot. One that can carry out simple task, especially repetitive ones. Remember Will Smith’s movie, IRobot, only this time Figure AI won’t try to destroy humanity.

Today Brett Adcock has put together a team of investors with pockets the capacity of a “black hole”. “This investment, combined with our partnership with OpenAI and Microsoft, ensures that we are well-prepared to bring embodied AI into the world to make a transformative impact on humanity,” said Figure AI founder and CEO Brett Adcock said.

Figure AI Humanoid robot, when ready, will be able to wash dishes, cook meals, serve dinner, etc. The company says there are 10 million unfilled jobs in the US alone. 7 million of these jobs are for essential roles in warehouses, transportation, and retail. Figure AI wants to fill this roles with humanoids.

Image courtesy: Figure AI

Like in every innovation, the fear of taking over other human jobs is a concern. Figure AI still has a long road before its working robot is ready. However, it has a competition in non other than Elon Musk’s “Optimus” Humanoid robot. Lets watch and see who hits the market first.