New Google Map’s Feature Alerts You Each Time Your Ride Gets Off The Route


Google Map is becoming more extensive with its features and functions. This time, it has added another important feature known as “new off-route alerts” and “speedometer”.

Outside basic driving directions of Google Map, the “new off-route alerts” feature is to keep you as well drivers safe on road journeys.

You would be alerted by your phone each time your ride gets off the route by 500 meters. This helps you stay safe while riding a taxi.

Also for drivers who are not familiar with the roads, the new off-route alerts can be used to easily find their way. Indians are the only people accessing this unique feature for now at least.

Speedometers are usually used to calculate the speed limit a car travels. Many times, drivers are tempted to drive above the specified speed limit either due to less traffic congestion on the road or perhaps the smooth condition of the road, only to end up putting themselves in intense problem, if not a dead case.

Having identified this situations as life threatening, Google recently added a speedometer in Google Maps to alert you when you may be driving at a higher speed than the set limit for the road or when there might be a speed camera.

Next, Google Map is going to take care of your appetite in the most unique way. This new feature has a section that highlights the most preferred dishes in restaurants, with menus put together using machine learning.

With the new menu approach, it’s easy to know what kind of food to expect in a certain location.