This Window-Washing Drone Washes 20Times Faster Than Human Cleaners


    Hey, watch out! Human cleaners are about to lose their jobs to drones too.

    Early this year, runway models were replaced with drones at the Dolce and Gabbana fashion house show held in Milan. Also, human photographers are soon being replaced by drones. Fire fighters and more are migrating to drones.

    Truth is, Drones are becoming extremely relevant in almost every industry in handling jobs that may be risky and involving heights too.

    Manytimes, coming across dangling human cleaners washing windows for towers, or human painters painting high storey building from outrageous heights, and only resting on ladder leaves me quaking and trembling. And funny enough, companies who engage them neither save time nor money.

    Fall height death statistics has shown that the median height leading to death is about 49 feet (15 meters), or about 4 to 5 storeys. Putting height construction workers, tower cleaners and painters at the risk of falling.

    But that’s about to change with the Aerones Drone for high-Altitude. The window-washing drone is built by Latvia-based Aerones.

    It’s designed to change the dynamics of how jobs are done, enabling companies to improve safety, cut cost and save time.

    Aerones claims it’s window-washing drone can work 20 times faster than traditional powered methods, and it’s much safer too.

    The weight of the machine isn’t a problem. In case you may be wondering about the disaster that might be if the drone experience a technical failure while on air that may lead to crashing. Aerones assures that the 55-kg (121 pound) machine won’t  cause any disaster

    How it works

    The Aerones machine, 3 meter-wide, 12 rotor is equipped with hoses and sponges, with attached cameras enabling the ground-based pilot to carefully monitor the washing process.

    Power is transferred through a cable running the drone and a battery on the ground. And water mixed with detergent (supposedly) is fed through a host from a tank for effective cleaning.

    However, Aerones didn’t tell the extent of stains it’s able to remove. But one thing is certain, the drone can reach a height of 350 meters from ground level.