Yes rice! If you think that rice is only meant for the stomach, you better think twice as rice has inadvertently become a dryer for wet phones.

The dusty-dry nature of uncooked rice has given it the ability to absorb water from substances including phones.

Below are DIY steps to pull out moisture from your soaked phone:

First thing you need do is remove the battery from the phone: The reason why you remove the battery is to prevent damage of electronic components that may occur as a result of water bridging the circuit.

Pick a bowl, get a dry cloth and wipe the inside of the bowl dry.

Measure a litre of uncooked rice, pour it into the bowl.

Pick your dismantled phone and immerse it into the rice. Ensure that it’s completely immersed in the rice. Note, the wider the phone, the more quantity of rice you need for complete immersion.

Allow the phone for a period of atmost 24hours. And you’ll have a perfectly dry phone.

However, if your rice isn’t dusty enough, dip your hands into the bowl of rice and scrub the rice against themselves for about 5 minutes and it’s ready to immerse the phone.

On the other hand, you can also put your phone directly into your bag of rice.

Caution! For phones that have stayed long in water, rice may not be the best option.