Popular Tech YouTuber, Marquees Brownlee Finally Speaks on “Quitting” YouTube


Marquees Brownlee, a popular Tech YouTuber speaks on the recent developments involving top popular YouTubers retiring or cutting back on their efforts in creating content.

The likes of Tom Scott, Matti Haapoja, Leon Hendrix, masteroogway, etc made videos about quitting from YouTube.

Although, fans of the popular YouTuber, Marquees Brownlee have asked to know his thoughts on this matter and his position as to whether he would also be leaving YouTube.

MKBHD as he’s fondly called released a video to that effect addressing the problem most creators face trying to scale up their “games” as content creators.

He said that scaling up as a content creator is not as easy as scaling up in other businesses, because it is easy to drift away from the creative core or original goal of content creation when people start “appreciating” your work and you start signing deals.

He added that once that happens, you’d find yourself clamoring for more deals and often times forget to improve on your core creative which was originally why you started out.

He also stated that another reason why top YouTubers quit is burnouts. He added that, as a YouTuber, you get to do a lot of things from content writing, to cinematography, editing and all and that most times, it’s difficult to keep up. He sighted himself as an example how he just couldn’t review every single phone that hits the market. And that’s because he is just one person.

He therefore advised cutting off an arm or simply put, outsourcing to experts who can do the work better while focusing on the core of the business.

He however, didn’t say he was retiring soon, but we hope he doesn’t.