What’s In Colour Black That Elon Musk Is Charging Extra $1000 For On Its Electric Vehicles?


Founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk reveals his plans to charge extra $1000 for colour black and silver Tesla electric vehicles in the coming months. “Starting next month, Tesla will charge $1000 for color black (same price as silver).” Musk tweeted.

He explained how changing colors on Tesla vehicles can cause a longtime defect especially for Model 3. He tweets, “Changing the palette is hell on service, because cars last for 20 years. Every color change has a long tail of hurt, especially for Model 3.”

But what’s in colour black and silver? Perhaps it costs a lot more to produce them compared to other colours or something. Tesla cars come in different color shades; red, black, silver, blue. But there are no extra charges on the other colours. Why? 

Elon musk however, didn’t give any reasons for adding extra $1000 on colour black and silver, and not adding extra charges on the other colors.