Following enormous amount of energy exerted on various Social Media Platforms in the past week, over the issues of 5G, Vaccines, ID as relates to human, and the level of uncertainty and fear these have created in the minds of people, particularly Nigerians, Engr. Obot, a trained Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer, First student member of IEEE in Southern Nigeria in 1999 (later joined the Professionals Network), remote student of the late Stephen Hawking. Skills: Mathematics, Physics, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Software Algorithms, decided to clear up the air while providing clarity on the issues mentioned above. Here’s what he has to say,

“I woke up over the past weekend to find that the world was on “FIRE”. What’s the fuzz? 5G is the cause of COVID-19… the virus is not real… they want to kill us all… we don’t want technology etc – the fuzz said. I was bombarded with video evidences and audios from so called eye witnesses just to prove it.

Listen guys, let me tell you something: it has been proven by scientists and psychologists that EYE WITNESS is the LOWEST form of evidence. Yeah! The number one celebrity physicist in the world right now, Neil deGrasse Tyson, also confirmed it. By the way, I love physics!

Rather than use eye witnesses, we experimentally compare/match premises with laws of nature. What you could call “Precepts upon Precepts, Line upon Line”.
5G is a radio frequency that occupies the radio frequency spectrum of 24Ghz – 300Ghz.
Oh! I’m sorry, let me introduce myself. My name is engr. Obot, I was trained in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, First student member of IEEE in Southern Nigeria in 1999 (later joined the Professionals Network), remote student of the late Stephen Hawking. Skills: Mathematics, Physics, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Software Algorithms.

Why did I write the above? So you will know I am not talking SHIT!

Back to 5G, it occupies 24Ghz – 300Ghz In the radio frequency spectrum. Ghz means Giga Hertz, that is one billion cycles per second. That is a Super Fast radio wave. Radio frequency itself is a form of Electromagnetic wave, which also includes visible light, x-ray etc.

There is IONIZING RADIATION and NON-IONIZING RADIATION. Radio frequencies, which include 5G, falls under NON-IONIZING Radiation. NON-IONIZING Radiation cannot displace electrons from an Atom or Molecules.
Remember your secondary school chemistry, when you did electrovalent and covalent bonding, responsible for chemical reactions.
NON-IONIZING Radiation cannot alter The DNA molecules of the Human cells because it cannot knock off electrons from orbits. First of all, that’s GOOD NEWS!

This means that 5G cannot cause genetic or cellular harm to the human body. You won’t develop strange disease, become a monster etc. when you use 5G, Period!

There is a video of a white man saying 5G produced covid-19, and he claims to have worked at management level with Vodaphone or so, later he made some Bible quotes. This man is ignorant of fundamental principles. If 5G cannot touch your cells or DNA, as we explained above, how can it produce a Virus. Viruses are the products of genes mutations, in-other-words, the molecular structure of genes are altered to produce a different type. Viruses are classified as non-living things, arguably. So, a virus is a PIECE of INFORMATION. That’s all! That gene is information (remember your biology class in secondary school). The virus has no intention, no evil thought, doesn’t even know it is causing harm to humans, because it is non-living thing!

5G did not produce COVID-19.

The word Radiation in 5G is a general term in electromagnetic field to describe the fact that it is transmitted, it is different from Radiation in RADIOACTIVITY. The word Radiation used in radio frequency is the general word from electromagnetic wave. The Radiation in RADIOACTIVITY, as we all know, is very harmful.

Radioactive rays include X-rays, gamma rays, radioactive substance like Uranium etc. These radiations can alter genetic structures, produce monsters etc. Where they are used in hospitals, they are adequately shielded and SAFE.
The word Radiation used in 5G in no way indicates that the signal is harmful.

It is also said that since microwave is harmful 5G would also be harmful. This thinking is wrong. Microwaves are radio frequencies that are located in the frequency spectrum of 1Gz – 30Ghz. Again, they are NON-IONIZING and harmless to your DNA.

However, they have this unique property of heating. Exposure at high intensity can heat up the body to higher than normal temperature. This high intensity is not found in installations in public areas. Even where telecoms companies use them for inter-state transmissions, it is still not high enough to cause heating hazard.

Another application is in your home microwave oven, here microwave is highly intensified and tuned to heat up water molecules in your food. The chamber is well shielded to protect you from the heating field, in fact it is designed not to operate until you close the door.

5G is not going to kill us all, neither is it a ploy to de-populate the human race.

I have a lot more to say but the space here is not enough, and the article will be too long. Please ask any questions and I’ll answer. Thank you. Stay safe, use your mask, tiny viruses without life cannot decide our stay here on earth, we will put them where they belong!

Watch out for my next article on COVID-19 VACCINES, AND THE REST.”
——–Engr. Obot Sylvanus.