Apple Says To Do This If You Observe iPhone Battery Life Reduction After iOS 16.5 Update


Following series of complaints from iPhone users over a reduction in battery life after iOS 16.5 update, Apple released a statement to that effect and advised users on what to do if found in such a situation.

Normally, what happens when a new version of iOS is released on the market and installed in a device, so many updates take place in the background such as the re-scanning of your photos using new algorithms, the optimization of your data, and even the recalibration of your phone’s battery. All of these actions consume battery power and some of the algorithms used to optimize battery life need to go through several cycles to get back to work.

As opposed to the previous case where Apple admitted it was intentionally slowing down older iPhones so that its customers would be forced to buy newer iPhones, the iPhone maker says to allow iPhones for 48 hours after a new iOS update to bounce back. This statement was released in march last year by Apple support team


So, do not panick or wallow in extreme anxiety if you notice a slowdown of battery performance after an iOS update. What you should do instead is GIVE IT TIME!