Nokia Commences Manufacturing Of Its Signature 5G Smartphone, Nokia XR21 in Europe.


Nokia commences manufacturing of its signature 5G smartphone in Europe. The licensee of Nokia smartphones, HMD Global’s co-founder, chairman and CEO Jean-Francois Baril said on Tuesday.

This is going to be the first major smartphone company to manufacture devices in Europe at scale.

“We are thrilled to be manufacturing the Nokia XR21, our signature rugged 5G smartphone, in Europe,”

This is coming shortly after the US president Joe Biden announced that For The First Time, Nokia Will Begin Manufacturing Broadband Electronics Products In America.

Prior to now, smartphones manufacturing was done at scale in Asian countries to cut cost. However in recent months, America and Europe have been working to move in production of smartphones in the country. Hence the Nokia smartphone manufacturing in Hungary, Europe.

Nokia XR21 is aimed at customers interested in data security, according to Baril.

“We are dedicated to investing in security, technology and manufacturing processes that make our devices more secure and longer lasting.”

HMD also said the first European model was designed for enterprise customers, whom had requested additional security alongside their IT security partners.

HMD’s licensing agreement with Nokia will expire on 2026.

The Nokia XR21 is available for purchase