Discover What To Do If your Email Domain Has Been Marked As Spam


💃Celebrating My first Big Win In 2021🍾🍷

🙌✅⭕ Finally discovered how to get my domain email free from being marked as spam.

⚛Towards the last month of year 2020, a client called my attention to the fact that my emails had landed on her spam folder. And that was how I got to know that several other launch emails prior to that time were sent to my lists’ spambox instead of their inbox.

Already, I had this understanding that if the domain name a subscriber provided his/her email through is different from the domain name that’s used to send an email to the subscriber, it’ll definitely get into the spam folder of the subscriber 

However, that wasn’t the case with mine as both subscriber email and sender email were one and the same, alongside other rules that I clearly observed.

So, I started out making several researches and still couldn’t figure it out until a few days ago.

Though it was indeed frustrating for me as I had lost several promotions as well as money, I’m still glad that I’m back up and running again.

I can also sleep now knowing that my auto responder will deliver my emails right into my subscribers inboxes. Haha

Quite a relief😊

Cheers to 2021🍾🍷

Here, I created a Walkthrough PDF and Video to Show You exactly How I Got My Domain Free From Being Marked As Spam.