Learn The Fastest And More Accurate Way Of Entering Text On A Smartphone


Autocorrect, word prediction, gesture keyboard, plain typing, and speech recognition, appear to be major ways of entering text on a smartphone. But which is faster and more accurate.

Autocorrect is a software feature that corrects misspellings as you type. It is integrated into mobile operating systems like Android and iOS to spell check and auto correct your misspelt words. E. g, when you type “cme hre”, auto-correct changes it to the correct spelling as “come here”. That way, your typing speed becomes enhanced and faster.

According to observations from a study with 37,000 volunteers released in October 2019 by a team of researchers from Finland, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The fastest results–at just over 46 words per minute–were from participants who used autocorrect alone. 

But can auto correct pass for more accurate
in as much as it can make for faster results?

Auto-correct, however, has its limitations when it comes to auto correction of technical terms or abbreviations.

To enable auto-correct on your Android phone:

Go to your phone Settings on Android
Click on Languages & input
Locate Virtual keyboard
select  Android Keyboard (AOSP)
Then Text correction
Slide auto-correction to the right to enable it


Word Predictions: word prediction is a Software that anticipates the correct word after typing only a couple of characters, and suggests the next word by learning a user’s word patterns.

It is relatively slower than auto-correct in the sense that word predictions can be wrong. But, it can also come in handy when you are replicating previous lines of action or word patterns.

To enable correction suggestions:

Go to your phone Settings on Android
Click on Languages & input
Locate Virtual keyboard
select  Android Keyboard (AOSP)
Then Text correction
Slide show correction suggestions to the right to enable it

Gesture keyboard is a method of inputting text to a device without taps or clicks on each letter. The general idea is that a user would just press the mouse button and hold it down while dragging the pointer across the letters in the desired word before releasing the mouse button to complete the word.

It is close to plain typing, except for the fact that desired words are completed before the mouse button is released.

It is, however, slower than gesture keyboard and relatively accurate too.

Plain Typing is the process of writing or inputting text by pressing keys on a typewriter, computer keyboard, cell phone, or calculator. Text can be in the form of letters, numbers and other symbols.

Image credit : TechRepublic

Plain typing is faster than gesture keyboard because it’s correction is done almost in real time, and not until the entire word is formed.

Accuracy is another item to be considered.

Speech recognition is the process of enabling a computer to identify and respond to the sounds produced in human speech.

How to use the speech recognition system 

Locate the icon by the text input area       Hold down the microphone button while you record your messages (text).       Then release to send automatically.

Speech recognition system is supposedly  the fastest and accurate.

What is your take as the fastest and most accurate way of entering text on a smartphone? Please hit the comment section below.