12 Astounding Security Technologies in 2018



    1By checking the smell

    Over the past twenty years, computer mainframes have become smartphones that fit into your pockets although, they are much more powerful, but there are ways to dominate access to your personal authority gadgets data. Therefore, we use passwords and the password itself has not changed and can be hacked as well.

    Thus, this may change in the coming years through biometric technologies, such as the recognition of individuals and voices, are gradually being introduced into the mass market, researchers and inventors are trying to develop new ways that users can demonstrate what they really are to protect their stuff.

    In 2008, the United States Department of Homeland Security wanted to test whether body odour could be used as a method of uniquely identifying people to improve the ability to identify people who want to hurt the nation.

    However, the changing smell can be a sign of substitution. Therefore, a group of scientists presented a method for identifying a person with an oral odour. Using a laboratory mass spectrometer, scientists collected exhaled air samples for 11 subjects for nine days.

    Scientists have been able to show that halitosis also has a unique molecular structure that is not altered by external factors such as the consumption of odorants or smoking.