Amazon Opens Retail Store Of The Future: No Cashier, No Attendants, No humans.


Amazon just opened a store of the future, called Amazon Go, at its Seattle HQ, United States. 5 years in the making and 1 year of intensive testing, the store is one of Amazon’s forays into hi-tech of the future. The founder of Amazon, Jeff  Bezos, is also into space exploration with its space rocket company Blue Origin. Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, and the first man to hit $100 billion.

It the experiment works, it will no doubt revolutionize the way we shop offline.


How It Works

Scan your phone on the entry turnstile and the store’s army of cameras will begin tracking your every move. Facial, body and object-recognition algorithms will enable the system to spot your purchase as you take it from the shelf and put it in your basket. When you’re done buying a mix of freshly made convenience foods (including booze), you just gotta leave through the door. That’s it. The system has your credit card details on file, and you’ll instantly be billed for what you take as soon as you walk out.

Amazon has introduced a sophisticated technology here, knowing the nature of human behavior when shopping that must be put into consideration. If you hate long lines at checkout points in super markets, never worry, when this is successful, big retailers like spar will have no options but to jump on it.

I can’t wait, I hate long queues!