Take That Late Order in your restaurant, You’ve Now Got a Machine for the job


Are you planning on rejecting an order simply because you feel it’s too urgent and you just might not meet up with the deadline? Think again because it is possible to deliver timely. A vegetable cutting machine is a key that makes it possible.

A vegetable cutting machine is a leafy vegetable cutting machine that is suitable for all kinds of stem leaf soft food (pumpkin, afang, spinach, ewedu, hotleaf etc). It is mainly for industrial purposes like restaurants, hotels, motels weddings, burials etc that involves large quantity but can also be for personal use. It is very efficient, time saving, money saving, and reliable.

With the use of this machine, cooking of vegetable soup, ewedu, afang soup, okro soup, or ekpankukwo is done on time because it deals with the tediousness of cutting and slicing large quantity of leafy vegetables involved in the preparation of these menus.

Vegetable cutting machines are in categories based on their functions; single purpose and multipurpose. The single purpose category is designed solely for cutting of leafy vegetables while the multipurpose category is used for both leafy and seedly vegetables.



  • It is a multi-purpose machine
  • leaf slicer, cabbage, lettuce, onion etc.
  • Durable and reliable
  • sharp blades
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise operation

There are other types that are also very efficient. Here you can buy the above vegetable cutting machine .