The Device That Turns You into an All-Seeing Human


Can you imagine being turned into an all-seeing human who can practically be in the office and at the home at the same time? I hereby introduce you to the gadget that makes this possible.

The WIFI-enabled mobile monitor is a device that is placed anywhere (kitchen, parlour, balcony, children’s room etc.) to monitor these environments through live videos from anywhere in the world on your phone.

It has a motion detector that comes to play when monitoring your sleeping baby or pet for instance while you may be cooking in the kitchen. It can also be used to monitor the general activities going on in your home while you are absent and the nightmare of not knowing what must have gone wrong in your absence is terminated.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Withings features a high-quality 3-MP video sensor that gives clear and unfettered footage of the baby. It also has special features such as high-resolution digital video, image stabilization, a wide-angle lens, zoom capabilities, and more, you can position the camera in the nursery and not have to worry about constantly repositioning it. In addition to working on WiFi and 3G/4G networks, Withings offers bonus features like a two-way speaker, infrared lighting, the ability to remotely turn on lullabies through the camera itself, motion detection, and room temperature and humidity monitoring. All of this monitoring is done through the complementary Withings apps for iOS and Android.

There are so many others that you can buy and install on Amazon. Simply get a glo, mtn or general purpose rechargeable mobile WIFI and you are good to go. Set up in minutes!