Procter and Gamble introduces hi-tech skincare system that is nothing but wizardry


If you want to precisely apply cream or skincare treatment on your skin, your hands is the last option you should think of using.

Procter and Gamble showcased its  “Opte Precision Skincare System”. It is a thermal inkjet printer for your skin that applies makeup and serum with pinpoint accuracy.

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The company showcased the product at the ongoing Consumer Electronics show (CES 2019). The product is one of the innovative yet solution oriented products that have caught people’s attention at the event. Honestly, when you use this device, you feel like an immortal alien.

How it works

It is a handheld device that acts like a thermal inkjet printer to apply tiny dots of makeup or skincare serum with pinpoint accuracy.

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The Opté Precision Wand scans your skin with a tiny camera at 200 frames per second and detects dark areas like sunspots, freckles or moles.

It uses blue LED scanning lights to enhance the contrast of your skin, so the camera can see three more pigmentations than the human eye. It then applies a precise amount of makeup or serum via 120 thermal inkjet nozzles inside the wand that deposit 1,000 picoliter droplets (that’s one billionth of a liter) to precisely cover each spot or blemish. The system can apply moisturizer precisely to dark spots on the skin.

This system is so vital in skin beauty products, as you don’t have to  apply skin treatment equally in all areas of the skin. This prevents uneven skin tone.
I see extremely beautiful ladies emerging!