This is the device Nigerian farmers need right now…


    In order to achieve significant improvements in agricultural productivity, marketing and competitiveness by generating appropriate technologies and policy options, promoting innovation, establishing a knowledge management capacity and strengthening the agricultural research system, an Edyn garden sensor is the key.

    Edyn garden sensor is a device that keeps you connected to your garden by giving you the tools to make your garden thrive so you always know precisely what is needed to keep your plant healthy.

    How does this work:
    The Edyn garden sensor is planted in the soil, it stays connected to your farm and continuously monitors environmental conditions in your farm.
    A mobile phone is needed to receive real time guidance via wifi network that is connected to the Edyn garden sensor to send you valuable insights through the corresponding Edyn app.


    Advantages of Edyn garden sensor
    As conditions in your garden or farm continuously change, you should know what’s happening in real time so as to keep your plants healthy. Light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture are tracked and compared with the information stored in the plant database for proper customized decision making.

    It gives you precise information of what is happening beneath the soil by monitoring minute changes in soil nutrition and moisture. Also to know when your plants aren’t getting what they need and get recommendations on how to adjust.

    You can know what will grow best based on your garden’s unique conditions and also track your plant growth overtime. With quick tips and reminders you can view all the plants in your garden, get tailored suggestions based on their growth stage and receive notifications for individual plants that need attention.

    its updates can be slow atimes. Apart from that every other thing is perfect.
    The company also has an irrigation control mechanism called Edyn water valve for those who want to go a step ahead. It automatically gives your plants exactly what they need so that you don’t have to over water or under water your farm.