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A renowned tech reviewer and YouTuber, Marques Brownlee popularly known as MKBHD threw a question at his audience on his Twitter handle demanding to hear their best TECH hot takes and here’s what they had to say. compiled their responses in no particular order for you to have a seamless reading experience.

Below are various twitter accounts who responded to the question.

Valor × & @Valor X. Virtual reality will become the dominant form of entertainment and education in the future.

iRock & @irock• OSes for printers and TVs are terrible and don’t even match 2010 tech standards.

Matt Van Swol & @matt vanswol • People will stop using the internet. The usefulness of the internet will drop dramatically as it becomes increasingly more difficult to tell what is true and what is

Kunal Kushwaha @ @kunalstwt• Apple is not overhyped.

Sachy | @IVIV & @notsachy• People pretend to be ‘prosumer’, just to seem like they have more important opinions. When in reality their own preferences are objectively bad for their use case.

ill @ @Xil lix- Tesla’s Cybertruck will influence the design of trucks and other tech devices we’ll see during next decades.

Flemming Miguel & @flemmingmi…While everyone criticizes Twitter it stands as the only place where you could be part of the zeitgeist conversation and your niche group at the same time blogging, almost all here.

Adam Pietrasiak & @pie6k– Web4 should be about tech stack allowing websites to be as smooth and performant as native apps. This will allow multiple mobile operating systems to exist at once as they’ll not have to compete for the apps.

Nitin Kishore @ @Nitin _wysiwyg– Apple fan boys suffer from a serious case of sunk cost fallacy and Stockholm syndrome, and will never admit to it being a subpar product, that they keep getting ripped off for, every year through planned obsolescence and minimal innovation.

Jason T. Lewis @ @theJasonTLewis:120hz refresh rate is overrated.

Kris Puckett @ @krispuckettHot takes are manufactured drama intended to make us feel anything in an era of increasing meaninglessness.

John Chavez & @JohncPDXThe very slow approach Apple takes to implement new features with iOS is the way to go. It’s cool to see hot new Android features, but these are usually half-baked and broken across their “ecosystem”, but it’s absolute magic when Apple perfects them and then implements them.

Utkarsh Neil a & @iUtkrshNeil • 90% people who by the IPhone Pro’s and Samsungs Ultra’s don’t even know how to use it to its full potential. They are either trapped in the price ladder or peer pressure.

Vijar Kohli @ @VijarKohli• Blockchains will be required to authenticate and verify content in the future.

This is a growing problem from Deep fakes with A.l.

The only way to solve this is if validators approve source content when published.

Everything else is a duplicate.


Dylan @ @dyldebusCybertruck will outsell F150 by 2026

Alvin @ @sondesix• Hot take: Having faster wired charging >>> having wireless charging.

Espy @EngineeringEspy• Apple Maps now > Google Maps.

Superdoopercooper ® @Superco... Once Al and VR gaming collide real life is over

Jon Rettinger & @Jon4Lakers – almost) No one uses an iPad as a primary video editing machine.

NinjaRookie• @NinjaRookiesAndroids are better than IPhone, not all but most.

Apple Hub & @theapplehub• HUB iPhones are overrated

Dan Rice & @GroundedTechSamsung Galaxy phones are massively overrated. I mean are you really telling me that the Note 23 Ultra is REALLY an Ultra?

Timbo Slice & @TimLukeAnderson • Spatial computing & AR/VR will replace external monitors for those who are tech oriented or “savvy”.

Eric Menezes @EKMenezesOpenpilot is the best driver assistance system on the market right now and literally no one knows about it.

DHRME.NI A © @DHRME– Without influencer hype and relationships, the Nothing Phone would be a complete and utter fail.

Joe & @RealJoseph123 • I hope Apple, Google, and Samsung keep their current designs.

They all look good to me. I don’t care if they reuse the same design. Companies don’t have to reinvent the wheel yearly.

They be like ‘same phone every year’, but they’ll line up for it on launch day.

Holly – Ilike tech & @AnxiousHolly • the Nothing Phone is overhyped.

Jono Tan & @jonotan86Camera bumps are ruining smartphone aesthetics.

James Morris & @james morris85This. Make the camera thicker and use the extra free space for bigger batteries.

Vanquish @ @ixVanquishxX• Tech Reviewers tend to judge phone camera quality through the lense of a professional who would edit images afterwards using software. Meanwhile 90% of users just upload/post photos straight from their phone. They really need to take this into.

Sachy | @IVIV & @notsachy. Beats are, and have always been, very good.

Often ppl pretend that sound isn’t incredibly subjective. A neutral/audiophilic sound is always less enjoyable (and more jarring) outside of pro referencing.

Oliur & @UltraLinx • Magic Mouse is the best mouse for Mac.

DareW & @darewecan • Google will never be committed to their hardware & will always remain an advertising sales focused company. The rules of caveat emptor apply when getting into the Google ecosystem.

RightsInfringer@ @RightsInfringer• Tailwind CSS is an abomination.

Meanwhile last year, MKBHD did a comprehensive video revealing his best tech hot takes. You can watch the full video here 

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