For Each Job A Robot Takes From Humans, Four More Are Created

    image credit: medium

    As technological solutions advances, humans become more afraid. There’s an assertion that machines (AI) are becoming more intelligent and powerful through the act of machine learning and are soon replacing human impacts in every facet of life.

    The future is tech, and humans on the other hand are terrified and apprehensive of this fact. The thought of irrelevance and being replaced by machinery cannot be accommodated.

    However, “for each job a robot takes from humans, four more are created” solely the writer’s opinion. For instance, if a robot is made to replace a security personnel, the robot was manufactured by an electrical/control engineer, a mechanical engineer, a programmer and a user experience (UX) expert. So you see, four jobs were created to replace one lost job. And if the robot were made by a company, the company probably hired admins, increasing the number of jobs created. Hence the need to outline where the tech jobs are and would be in the future.

    A new study shows high demands related to Security, Cloud, Analysis, IoT, and Converged infrastructure and equally the need to be proactive.

    SECURITY: as digital technology gets embedded in every walks of life, there’s increasing demand for skills in key technological areas which include Cyber Security (security relating to the culture of computers, information technology and virtually), data security and security management specialists.

    CLOUD: a cloud-based solution refers to on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications or resources accessed via the internet and through another provider’s shared cloud computing infrastructure. There’s increasing demand for skills in data security, Network Systems/Administration, Network Engineering/Architecture.

    ANALYTICS: detailed examination of the elements or structure of something with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision making. There’s increasing demand for skills in System analysis, Data analysis, Cyber analysis, Data engineering, Database architecture, Data scientist, Transformation Consulting and Computer Support Specialist.

    IoT(internet of things): this technology controls your home, office and more from any point through the internet. There’s increasing demand for skills in IoT design/ development /Engineering, Business intelligence/Architecture/development, Business Intelligence Analysis, Software Development/Engineering, Change Management.

    AI (Robotics): AI becomes extremely intelligent, reliable and efficient in carrying out our tasks. There’s increasing demand for skills in Machine Learning, Machine Design/development/Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Social Media Tech Management/Administration, UI/UX Designing/Development and Web Design.

    When hiring and developing employees, many organizations are leveraging vendor certification programs that provide employers with a way to validate new job related skills which often decides salary levels and professional advancement.