The Gita Smart Cargo Bag Follows You Like Your Dog


How do you carry your stuff around in a world of technology? The answer apparently lies with a technological device. GITA is a land drone, cargo bag and smart device designed to follow you around and carry your stuff.

Gita is the first in the family of intelligent lightweight vehicles developed by PiaggioFastForward Company.


How it works

To get it to follow you, you’ll have to wear a defined waist belt loaded with cameras to map out the areas around you. There are also cameras on all sides of the Gita in which the system blends it in together to know where you are going. It also uses cameras for autonomy.

The Company is working on getting the waist belt technology to be a little smaller. There are also several others like the self-driving luggage.

Features of Gita

It is a robotic vehicle that is functional and fun

Walking distance of 22 miles per hour

Carries the weight of between 40 to 44 pounds

It uses light, sound and a touch in the face to communicate

Battery lasts for full 8hours

It is simple, fast and strong



Very helpful in hospitals, hotels, adventures and more

Very helpful for the physically challenged


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