Funny Video Shows What Happened When Nigerians Saw A Driverless Car On Their Street For The First Time.


    One may ask, how did they notice it? Well, they did, as a crowd gathered around a slowly moving, white-painted vehicle without a driver inside. Everybody turned paparazzi immediately and attributed lots of reasons why the car was driving itself. Some said it was a spirit, others said it was “invisible man” driving it.

    As the car moved along the street in Lagos, Nigeria, mobs continued to chase it. This car has got some explaining to make, some said.

    In a continent where hi-tech is rear, this would be a shocker to ordinary citizens. Things like robots found on the streets in the western world are not available here. Even robots in factories are not available here.

    Hope the owners of the car were around to prevent mobs from destroying it out of curiosity.