It’s official; Google To Rename Bard to Gemini, Good News for Some, Bad News for Others


Google announced that Bard is officially being renamed and rebranded to Gemini. “We’re committed to giving everyone direct access to Google AI and, as of this week, every Gemini user across our supported countries and languages has access to Google’s best family of AI models. To better reflect this commitment, we’ve renamed Bard to Gemini.”

Screenshot of Google’s news release

Speaking of allowing users to access Google’s best family of AI models, Google’s Bard just got HUGE upgrade and it’s INSANE!

Here are some of the upgrades:

Major Upgrade and capabilities include:

  •   Improved understanding
  •   Better summarizing
  •   Advanced reasoning
  •   Enhanced coding abilities

*Ideal for complex projects and everyday tasks.

*Text to Image

Bard’s new image generation feature transforms your words into photorealistic images.

*Global Usage:

Google’s Bard now offers Gemini Pro in over 40 languages and 230 countries.

*Obtain Image Outputs

In Bard Chat, you have the ability to directly obtain image outputs.

*Bard Plugins

Instantly access top apps like:

  •   Instacart (Groceries)
  •   Spotify (Music)
  •   Walmart (Retail)
  •   Indeed (Job Hunting)

And more Google Apps

*Internet Access

Need real-time information and the latest updates on anything?

Simply ask Bard directly in the chat.

Prompt with images

Using Google Lens, Bard will analyze the photo, and draft a few creative captions – all within seconds.

While on the flip side, it is bad news for anyone who spent money on Bard domains hoping to cash in. Domain resellers often buy domain names of popular brands for the purpose of selling them at a much higher cost. For instance if a popular domain name has, then related domains could be,, etc.

This is because websites owners often buy these domains with the hope of attracting traffic from the mother domain, and easy rankings on Google’s front page.

But unfortunately for them, Bard is going to be renamed to Gemini, making domain names bearing Bard of no importance.

Have you bought your Gemini related domains just yet?



featured image credits techjivan