Make Yourself a Beauty Queen with the “woman hairstyles app.”


Who says Technology cannot be used for beautification, the “woman hairstyles app” has got the magic. One may ask how?

The woman hairstyles app is an application that uses augmented reality to give a user a preview of a hairstyle look alongside accessories and fittings before the actual process takes place.

Here’s what I mean: for instance Ojo is a lady who wants to have a hairdo but not sure what she would look like after the hairdo; perhaps a monster or an angel. In order to ascertain that, Ojo having installed the woman hairstyles app, reaches for her phone and launches the app. She then tries out the hairstyle on her phone accompanies it suitable accessories and voila “she smiles.”

How it works

1. Download the woman hairstyles app on the Google play store.
2. Launch the application on your phone.
3. Use the phone camera to take a shot of yourself or choose photo from your phone gallery.
4.Try out different hairstyles to see which one suits your looks.
5. Accompany with suitable accessories like earrings and necklaces and save it