MIT Invents Portable Device That Interprets What You Are Thinking Into Action


    Technological innovations and advancements make the world dynamic. The changes brought about by these innovations have made a lot of things seamless and interesting. Take, for instance, our interactions with our phones. A few years ago we had to use our fingers to initiate interactions with our phones, this later translated to speaking on the phone and now we are just about to silently converse with our computing device. Guess the era of phones and laptops are soon coming to an end

    The question is how? MIT prototype can say words in your head. Interesting! MIT has developed a headset called alterEgo which can read your thoughts but most specifically in your attempt to speak. AlterEgo is a wearable device that allows a user to silently converse with a computing device.

    How it works

    The device reads the signals in your brain that are sent to your mouth without the need for you to actually vocalize anything out loud. When you think about words or anything in your head, alterEgo picks them up and can interpret what you are thinking. It can communicate with its user through bone conduction headphone.


    It can virtually be applied in various areas such as surfing the web, initiating a phone call, take inventory and more.

    This device is invaluable if you ask me.