Apple Announces Four New Products That Will Interest You!


The apple event kicked off in California as was previously announced and so much so, as was being predicted.

Below are four new products announced by Apple at the event that may not blow your mind but will certainly interest you.

First, the Apple News+: the Apple News+ is a content curation site which offers access to more than 300 magazines and Newspapers from reliable sources for a fixed fee of $9.99/month.
According to Apple, the product was available on the self-same day it was announced.

Second, the Apple Card: the Apple card is the second new product released to consolidate the Apple pay, an online wallet. Apple card is an electronic credit card that works anywhere that Apple card accepted. Other uses of the Apple card include to track transaction history, access bonus such as pay your card and earn 2 percent cash back daily on your purchase.

The Apple Card is built with titanium and laser-etched with your name excluding your number in such a way that it is safe to use.

Third, a new gaming subscription service called Apple Arcade. Gaming services appear to be the new cool today, as most giant tech company including Google have taken the gaming path also. And Apple inclusion in the deal isn’t a misnomer.

Apple Arcade will include more than 100 premium games from partners including Disney, Konami, and Lego. And are playable on iOS, Mac Os and TV Os.

However, the game service won’t launch until September.

Lastly, Apple came through with Apple TV+, a subscription service that will give users access to Apple’s new library of original content. Apple TV+ includes a new show from Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell about a morning news show and an anthology series from Kumail Nanjiana that tells the true story of everyday immigrants, among many others.

Just so you know, Oprah Winfrey has signed to do two new shows with Apple TV+.

Apple TV+ isn’t  coming out until the September and there’s still no word on pricing.

Tell us, are you thrilled about Apple’s new products or not?