– A landing page & sales funnel builder

– Membership site builder

– An Email marketing platform

– A Blogging system

– A customer support desk

– A sales and affiliate management platform

All these combined will set you back around

$90/month on average as a beginner and that’s

easily a total of $540 monthly.

And worse, they are all different platforms and

have zero interaction with each other, you build

landing page on maybe Clickfunnels or leadpages so

you get leads and sales then use Wishlist or

Everlesson to manage your members and then

you struggle to handle your customer requests

on freshdesk or some other platform.

And then the real problem— an email marketing

platform, you’ll battle with Aweber, Getresponse,

Mailchimp etc. to approve your email list and send

your emails without banning you.

But what if you could have everything under 1 roof?

1 System – 1 Software – 1 Dashboard to manage

everything you need to sell your products profitably online.

Imagine what this could do to your online business?

All the tools and platforms you need to crush it online,

all bundled together and kept in a single roof for you,

fully integrated with one another and designed to make

you money, just login and start clicking away.

The all in one marketing platform is a SOFTWARE.

P.S. I have carefully handpicked vendors of softwares for you. They’re those who have gained credibility and trust over the number of years they’ve spent in the software industry. Their works speak volume about them.

I’m familiar with a few of them and have been referred to them in the time past.

They’re my bosses, Ifiok Nkem Victory Akpomadaye Misan Morrison, Steve Taripanye Irimagha Seun Ogundele Daniel Adetunji

You can reach out to them for their products.

Hope this helps!

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