Control Your Phone with Your Eyes Using Hawkeye


    How about using your eyes and face to navigate through your Smartphone without actually moving your fingers? Hmm…Incredible! Traditionally, the use of fingers to control phones have unconsciously become a part of life but that’s about to change now with the latest technology advancement from Hawkeye Labs.

    Hawkeye Access is the app that takes the ease of operating IOS devices to a whole new different level, the app lets you control things on the phone display with eyes and face movement. It is aimed at those with disabilities and cannot make use of their hands or fingers.

    How it works

    The Hawkeye Access only works on devices with the TrueDepth camera. It allows you to launch sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Google within the app while setup is simple and straightforward.

    To perform an operation is simply by looking at a few blue dots on your screen, and then select the selection mode of your choice. The selection modes available are blink, smile and stare. Whatever you pick will be the mode with which you select an object on the screen. You can further customize options where you can select the sensitivity adjustments.

    Hawkeye Access is limited to iPhones, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR to be specific for now and hopes to be available to other operating systems platforms soon.

    It is available on Appstore.

    Hawkeye Access is the brainchild of Matt Moss, a student scholar of Apple WWDC, who conceived the idea after attending the Apple’s last year programmer’s event and focused on the ability to use the iPhone to track eye movement.