Coravin: Smarts Up Your Wining Moments


    What is a “Coravin wine preserver?” Have you been wondering why you should at least buy one of it models? If you are a serious drinker who loves wining fresh with alot of swags to complement it, then you might want to consider the “Coravin wine preserver.” 

    Experience has it that if you open a bottle of wine e.g red, white, posh, dessert, etc, have a glass, push back the cork without pouring another glass for at least two days. Then have another glass, you’ll discover that the wine would not taste as fresh as it tasted about two days ago whether refrigerated or not.

    This problem has been solved by the “coravin wine preserver”. Just as the name implies: it is an element of preservation that prevents oxygen from entering into a wine bottle to sap off it’s flavor after been opened or used the first time. It does this however without removing the bottle cork but allows you access to the wine.

    Combined with the new Coravin Model eleven having additional features that makes it “smart” You do not just have a bottle of wine but also experience the coravin moments.

    With the coravin app installed in your phone, whether you want a sip that goes with your favorite song, a glass that complements your favorite movie, or want to binge watch your favorite show with glasses from a few different bottles, you have the freedom to pour what you love and preserve the rest for another day.

    P. S. It’s pretty pricey though and it’s not for everyone.