esight 3: the pair of glasses that enables the blind to see


The maker of esight 3, esight, says the glass is for the legally blind. What is legally blind and who qualifies to be called so? Legal blindness is a level of visual impairment that has been defined by law either to limit allowed activities (such as driving) for safety reasons or to determine eligibility for government-funded disability benefits in the form of educational, service, or monetary assistance. It is 20/200.That is someone who cannot see an object 200 feet away unless he/she stands 20 feet from the object. Normal vision should see an object 200 feet away clearly.

The pair of glasses works by recording high­ definition video and uses magnification, contrast and proprietary algorithms to enhance that imagery into something the legally blind can see—enabling them to partake in a variety of activities, including sports, that would otherwise be off-­limits. The glasses is one of the great inventions of 2017.

The company says it has been used by 1000 persons. The glasses costs about $9,995 (#3.5m). Hmmm…the company seems to be saying if you think vision is expensive try blindness!

image courtesy of esight
image courtesy of esight