Facebook Launches Music on Facebook Stories: Now You Can Add Your Favorite Music To Your Stories


Are you a music lover? Facebook says you can now add music to your stories, and Lip Sync Live to further express your mood, feelings or personality, and love for music.

How it works

Just take a photo or video from facebook camera or phone gallery. You can tap on the sticker icon select the music sticker. Choose your favorite music artist and song name.

Select a part of the song that appeals most to you and share, while you Lip Sync Live. Add other stickers and effects to customize your stories. With this, it appears as though you are singing along and even if you were, your voice won’t be heard.

Facebook is expanding the Lip Syncing to Lyrics, whereby the Lyrics of the songs will be displayed while lip syncing. Although just a few songs have been added but facebook promises to add more songs as they go on.

Available songs include Dua Lipa’s “New Rules,” Khalid’s “Better,” and “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5. And more to be added soon.

We are also opening up the feature to more artists and creators by expanding to Pages, giving them more ways to connect with their fans.” Said Fred Beteille, Head of Product, Music and Rights, and Tamara Hrivnak, Head of Music Business Development andp Partnerships.

Songs added to your profile will also visually showcase the artist and track you choose.

However, facebook announced that it’ll soon be making it possible to add songs to your facebook profile — what you’re currently listening to, or your all time favorite music. You can equally pin the song, including the artist of a particular song so that everyone who comes across your profile can share, play or contact the artist.