The Ztylus Revolver Turns Your Phone Into A Professional Camera


Have you once desired to take photos that looks professional using your mobile phone? The Ztylus Revolver does just that. With its trio of rotatable lenses, you can take photos from varied distances just by swapping lenses in a seamless way.

The company says with its QuickFlip technology, the lenses flip out and automatically align with your phone’s lenses.
This happens in about two seconds without you missing out the moments.

Ztylus also makes all sorts of detachable lenses for mobile phones. They have 4-in-1 revolver lenses, 6-in-1 detachable or revolver lenses etc. They also make life saving mini tools for escaping out of your car in the case of emergencies.

Construction and operation         The revolver has a rounded body with the movable lenses rotated inside by default. The round body is strapped to the back of the phone, somewhere at the middle, and the revolving lenses are flipped out seamlessly, changing lenses when needed.

So to have that professional photograph that you desire, just flip the lens to the one you want. There are lenses for Fisheye telephoto, macro super-macro, and wide angle telephoto.

You can buy this device here