Microsoft Has Released An All-In-One Productivity App For Android phone Users


How do you feel having to toggle between apps in order to get your tasks done— for instance, if you have a report and a presentation to make; you’d literally have to launch a word document first to enable you prepare the report, and then proceed to PowerPoint to prepare your slides, right? The process appears quite tasking, and you’d wish there was an easy way around it.

Did I tell you there’s actually an easy way around it? Microsoft, after months of beta testing, has released the all-in-one productivity app for Android phone users. Yeeeey!! Not for everyone, anyway!

The unified Office mobile app lets you edit Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents from one spot without having to switch apps.

You can also sift through your OneDrive files, scan real-world documents with Office Lens and read QR codes, according to yahoo news.

The Office app also makes better use of your phone’s talents, with the ability to take a photo of a document and turn it into an editable Word file on the go, or even do the same with printed-out tables in Excel.

Microsoft says you’ll be able to create and sign PDFs with ease from your smartphones. 

The company, however, warned that the unified Office mobile app isn’t optimized for tablets, chrome books, and can’t be accessed in landscape mode. The iOS equivalent to the app is also not available at this point.

The Office app preview is available on Google Play now. There’s no date yet for when the app will launch outside of preview.

Thoughts, please?