Google’s New Pixel 4 Will Be Controlled Without Touching The Screen


Google announces a hands-free, gesture recognition, pixel 4 smartphone coming this October. The tech giant company is looking to take phone interactions to a whole new next level by introducing an innovative ‘gesture in the air’ interaction technology called ‘Sali’ into its latest pixel 4.

With ‘Sali technology’, you don’t have to speak to the phone or tap the phone to execute a command. All you need do is make a gesture in the air like snooze an alarm, silence a phone call or skip songs, etc, and it will be executed.

The smartphone is said to use its front camera array as an input device to track external gestures, which will be further processed and executed.

Taking this route of innovation is not completely strange, as a range of smartphone makers including Samsung have tried this before, the LG G8 ThinQ included a camera that tracks gestures to perform some tasks and so on.

Google is also looking to implement Sali technology beyond Smartphones. It hopes to integrate it into connectors like car dashboard, as well as other devices such as Watches, display-free wearables, clothes, smart home devices, etc.

For cars, Sali comes in really handy on the go; helps with navigation without averting your attention off the road.

But, how do you like this technology? Can gesture tracking be the next big?

Would it appeal to the users? No doubt, it’s going to be quite a bit strange to a lot of persons who haven’t experienced in before. Afterall, almost everything appears strange in the first instance but gradually gains acceptance along the way– qwartz keyboards, touch screen, and now, gesture tracking.

Meanwhile, let’s keep our fingers crossed till October when the phone is expected to launch.