My experience using a freebie trial on PAID AD was a total mess. I run an ad that falls into the hands of freebie seekers who enters their emails, download the software product, and ends up unsubscribing.

Then I decided to run an ad on the same product with a PRICE tag on it this time, and shockingly, I had people subscribing and paying for the product.

They loved it, thanked me, and gave me good reviews.

I then thought to myself, what if Did the reverse?

Again, I decided to use organic traffic method on the same product, taking out the price tag, and leaving it on free trial. And BOOM it worked!

I got real subscribers to my freebie which later converted to paid subscribers and are still on my list till date.

Hence, my submission;

Organic traffic method works best on free trail product/ service.


Paid traffic works best with PAID products/services.

Hope this helps!